Blurry Vision Treatment In San Antonio, TX

Don't Ignore Blurry Vision

Blurry vision is always a sign that something's is wrong with your sight. Whatever caused the condition might not be permanent, and it may even be a fairly mild condition. But it's not one that you can just ignore; you need to find out the cause so you can take appropriate action. It's normal to feel apprehensive about what might be going on, but always keep in mind that it could turn out to be an easy situation to deal with. If you experience blurry vision and you don't know why it's happening, Nevelow Eye Associates in San Antonio is the place to go.

Don't Ignore Blurry Vision

Many Different Causes

Blurry vision can occur due to external influences or internal issues that could be localized or systemic. In other words, the cause could be something outside your body, in the eye itself, or due to something happening inside your body that is now affecting your eyes. For example, if shampoo gets in your eye, you could have blurry vision as your eye tears up in an attempt to fend off the drop of shampoo. Or, you could have an eye condition that is changing how your eye sees; these can range from simple changes in a prescription (for glasses) to medical conditions. You could also have allergies that are now affecting your eyes.

Because the causes can be so wide-ranging, you have to get the blurriness diagnosed. For example, if you find you have conjunctivitis, you need to know if it's allergic, in which case you take allergy medicines and try to avoid the allergen; viral, in which case there's not a whole lot you can do except use really good hygiene for a couple of weeks as the virus runs its course; or bacterial, in which case you need an antibiotic and monitoring by an optometrist. Using the wrong treatment for conjunctivitis would at best be useless. Or, at its worst, it could let an infection spread.

If the blurriness is caused by a chronic or long-term medical condition, such as problems with your retina, finding out now lets you start treatment as quick as can be. If the blurriness is caused by something simple, like maybe you're just experiencing dry eyes or computer vision syndrome after a tough study session, now you know and can take steps to heal.

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Not seeing clearly and don't know why? Contact Nevelow Eye Associates in San Antonio at (210) 349-2437. One checkup is all it takes to start on the road to recovery.

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