Eye Conditions Treated At Our Optometry Clinic

Conditions Treated by Nevelow Eye Associates

Advanced vision care can help improve your vision and keep your eyes healthy. Whether it’s routine eye care services or specialized treatment, we offer it at Nevelow Eye Associates in San Antonio, Texas. Our team will conduct all the necessary testing, make recommendations for treatment, and provide you with corrective lenses or contacts. If you need to see an optometrist, we are the place to go.

Conditions Treated by Nevelow Eye Associates

Conditions We Treat

Your eyes are subject to injury and infection as well as changes from chronic diseases. In many cases, we can offer curative strategies, while in others, we help you manage problems that can’t be cured. Among the conditions we treat are:

    • Allergies Pollen, smoke, dust, and other environmental allergens can leave you with red, watery, and itching eyes. In some cases, treating allergies is simply a matter of making lifestyle changes. Medications can also be used to manage the symptoms of allergies.
    • Conjunctivitis Notable for redness, itching, swelling, and crusty drainage, especially first thing in the morning. Bacterial and viral conjunctivitis can be highly contagious.
    • Dry Eye Syndrome Your eyes normally produce tears in order to stay lubricated and wash out irritants. Aging and some diseases can result in a decreased production of tears.
    • Glaucoma Often caused by a build-up of pressure inside the eye, by the time glaucoma symptoms develop, most people already have permanent vision loss. Oral medications and special eye drops can help prevent vision loss if started early.
    • Macular Degeneration The macula is a structure in the center of the retina. Over time  this tissue breaks down, leading to blurred vision and an inability to see in dim light. Treatment includes nutritional supplements and in some cases, surgery.
    • Diabetic Eye Disease High blood sugar levels cause inflammation and damage blood vessels. Diabetic retinopathy can cause blurry vision, impaired color perception, and “floaters.” An optometrist will work with your primary care doctor if you have this condition.
    • Astigmatism These abnormal curvatures on the surface of the eye distort vision.
    • Amblyopia Also known as “lazy eye.” This defect is most treatable during childhood.
    • Cataracts While we may make the diagnosis of cataracts, we’ll refer you to an ophthalmologist for surgery.
    • Computer Vision Syndrome This is a temporary condition that can become chronic if untreated. Lifestyle changes and protective eye wear can make a difference.

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If you have any concerns about your eyes, please contact Nevelow Eye Associates at (210) 349-2437 or come by the office at 19190 Stone Oak Parkway in San Antonio, Texas. We’re here to help you with your eye health.

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