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It is important for everyone to take care of their eyesight. At Nevelow Eye Associates, we want everyone to have access to an optometrist in San Antonio who can provide a regular eye exam that can detect issues with the eyes before they cause problems.  During a comprehensive exam we can identify if you have a need for Vision Therapy and refer you out to a Specialist.  This can protect your eyesight in the future.


What Is Vision Therapy?

Vision therapy is a term that is used to describe several treatments that are based around exercises that are meant to improve someone’s vision. The goal of these exercises is to help people who suffer from a variety of eye conditions including convergence insufficiency.

For the eyes to generate a clear vision, they need to work together to focus on a single point in space. If someone has something called convergence insufficiency, the eyes have a hard time working together. This can lead to a blurry vision which can make it hard for someone to read a book, drive a car, focus in school, and keep up with the demands of their jobs.

How Does Vision Therapy Help?

There are certain situations in which vision therapy can be helpful. Usually, when someone arrives at an eye doctor’s office, the first step is to perform a comprehensive eye exam. If the results of these eye exams indicate that someone suffers from convergence insufficiency (or similar problems), then vision therapy can be prescribed. 

There are numerous exercises that could be prescribed as part of a vision therapy program. Often, these programs include the use of occludes, lenses, prisms, and filters. These instruments are used to force the eyes to act and behave in certain ways. When this happens, the muscles of the eyes become stronger, making it easier for the eyes to move, work, and converge together to generate a clear vision.

Often, this therapy program could last anywhere from weeks to months. Over time, people should notice that their vision improves with the help of vision therapy. We are here to help our patients come up with a program that is right for them.

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At Nevelow Eye Associates, this is only one of the numerous services that we provide to people in the local area. Our goal is to provide a comprehensive array of eye care services, including vision therapy. If you are looking for an optometrist or a vision therapist in San Antonio, give us a call today! 

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