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When someone visits the eye doctor, there are several conditions that the ophthalmologist is going to check for. One of the most common problems that a trained eye doctor is nearsightedness and farsightedness. These problems occur when the light does not adequately focus on the retina, contributing to a blurry image. The technical name for nearsightedness is myopia all the technical term for farsightedness is hyperopia. Hyperopia is less common than myopia but it’s just as debilitating. The dedicated team at Nevelow Eye Associates is here to help everyone in the San Antonio area better understand hyperopia.


Common Symptoms of Hyperopia

Hyperopia is one of the most common vision problems and the population. When someone has been diagnosed with this condition, they are able to see objects and the distance well. On the other hand, objects up close are difficult to interpret.

There are a few common symptoms that will go along with hyperopia. Those who have this condition have commonly complained of severe headaches and straining eyes. They may also squint their eyes to focus on objects that are up close. When this happens, they will start to feel tired. These are all close that will tell the doctor to look closely for a vision problem.

Correcting Hyperopia with the Help of a Caring Optometrist

For an eye doctor to make this diagnosis, a detailed eye exam is going to have to be performed. This is going to help the eye doctor diagnose the degree to which someone’s vision is off. Once the diagnosis has been made, glasses or contact lenses can be used to correct that person’s vision. These lenses will alter the way that light enters the eyes using refraction. Then, this light is going to focus better on the retina, producing a clear image. With corrective lenses, people should be able to see clearly. It will be important for this person to be evaluated by their eye doctor on a regular basis. Over time, their prescription may change and their lenses may need to change with this.

Trust the Team at Nevelow Eye Associates in San Antonio

Hyperopia is one of the most common vision problems. Those who are having trouble seeing clearly should schedule an appointment in the San Antonio area with Nevelow Eye Associates. We are here to provide comprehensive vision services for everyone in the local area. We will work hard to make sure that you and your family have all of your eye health concerns and needs addressed. Please call us today at 210-349-2437 to schedule an appointment. 

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